Are you good at your job?

If so, congratulations. But it’s not enough.

If you really want to move up in your career or in your company, then you’ve got to offer more. You have to go beyond your job description and figure out how your input contributes to the bottom-line success of the company. 

Here’s how to figure out where you also need to focus your energies if you want to move up:

1. What tasks do you perform — either officially or unofficially — that have a direct impact on the bottom line? In other words, what earns the company money or customers?

2. What relationships do you have with the people who are critical to getting these key tasks done? For example, if you often predict when and how shipping needs will change for your company’s product — and prevent that change from becoming a problem — then are you connecting with the right people that can help you accomplish that?

3. Does your boss know? If you’re performing a critical task that is contributing to the bottom-line success of a company, you better make darn sure the boss knows about it. This is a contribution that matters, and he/she needs to understand that you’re the one getting it done. Your success will contribute to the boss’s success, so he/she needs to be on the same page so that the positive results continue.

Too many people take their job descriptions to heart and think that’s the blueprint for their jobs. But job descriptions are often a hurried, random thing thought up by a busy human resources person or a harried boss. 

Take the time to truly understand the path to greater success by writing your own job description of the things you do that real add value — that’s where you need to focus your time and energy.