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Banking has evolved and undergone significant transformations in the way it functions throughout time. From the conventional banking system to the card system to now digital, these rapid transformations are changing to meet the expectation of the customers evolving with time.

Building a career in the finance sector, especially retail banking would reap a promising future given the manifold opportunities and growth rate of the field itself. 

To train fresh graduates and young professionals to have seamless career growth, Careerera offers this excellent pathway.

The curriculum focuses on the fundamental facets of retail banking that affect client results and experiences. It offers a comprehensive grasp of the essential duties performed by the retail bank in order to meet client needs and add value.

This Retail banking professional course with Careerera offers the best practice principles of retail banking’s economic operations, risks, level of customer service, and professional ethics to the learners and trainees. These principles look beyond the bank product to client solutions. With Industry experts and trainers having  decades of experience in the field, this course will shape trainees into global finance leaders and bankers.

After completing, Candidates will have the skills necessary for a successful career in customer-centric retail banking and will be able to make decisions by following moral standards that result in long-lasting client relationships.

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Banking is a special segment of banking operation that helps individuals or organisations raise capital and provide financial consultancy services to them. They provide various types of financial services, such as proprietary trading or trading securities for their own accounts, mergers and acquisitions advisory which involves helping organisations in M&As,; leveraged finance that involves lending money to firms to purchase assets and settle acquisitions, restructuring that involves improving structures of companies to make a business more efficient and help it make maximum profit, and new issues or IPOs, where these banks help new firms go public.
The eligibility criterion for Retail banking is that candidates need to have basic knowledge of computers. Careerera has designed the course from basic to advanced ensuring better understanding for the candidates.
The pay of a Banker is one of the best in the finance-related jobs across the world. They’re paid so much because the banks work on very important transactions that generate big fees. In exchange for such important work, they need to be smart, hard-working, and highly skilled – and thus, well-compensated.
If the student misses the live session, she/he can watch the live recorded session on the LMS - Learning System Management portal.


  • In accordance with the guidelines laid by Investment Banks the candidates should qualify the below-mentioned criteria - Should be below 27 years of age at the time of admission | Should have scored 50% or above in class X, XII and Graduation / Post-Graduation.


  • Personalised workshops based on your proficiency level to help you get on par.
  • Mix of Live Classes & Recorded lectures for your convenience.
  • 24*7 Student Support, Quick doubt resolution by industry experts