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Course Description

Master the working with every technology needed at the different phases of software development like project management, Agile Scrum methodology, Design Thinking, front-end plus back-end technologies, database managing system, development of cloud, and quality declaration for delivering a completed product.
The PGP in Full Stack Software Development makes you proficient in skills to work with technologies. The professional is likely to work on the customers, server sides and know what is going on when emerging an application.

PGP in Full Stack Software Development is intended to create and develop all-round full-stack capabilities in applicants. This program will educate you on the motives why a successful full stack developer does more than write code.

Why Full Stack Developer

  • Full Stack Developer assists you to keep every part of the system running easily.
  • Provides help to all in the team and highly ease the time and technical charge of team interaction.
  • If an individual serves various roles, it saves your firm’s workforce, infrastructure, and operational charge.

Eligibility Standard

Careerera focuses on every individual in their program because the team believes in delivering education to all interested ones. Careerera welcome fresher as well as working professionals for the program with 50% cumulative marks in their respective fields.
But, the mentioned standards will be appreciated

  • A bachelor’s degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Having prior work experience is not a mandatory requirement

The ideal job profiles who will benefit from the program

  • Software Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Analysts

Why Careerera?

  • 125000+ Students
  • 4 Million Hours of Learning Delivered
  • Top 10 Ranked Programs
  • 500+ Industry Specialists
  • 25+ Global’s Best Full Stack Developer Faculty

What makes PGP in Full Stack Software Development program outstand?

The most comprehensive, 360 degrees, and industry-ready program in the market as it covers all the aspects including Front end, Back end, mobile application development, Cloud computing, DevOps, design thinking modules, and project management techniques.

1.Master the relevant expertise which prominent corporations are looking for like JavaScript, Java, and SQL.
2.The program follows an intensive format where you acquire full stack development from great faculty in the classroom as well as online and extends your knowledge by working on practical lab sessions.
3.You receive personal supervision in mentorship sessions through experts from the sphere to support you shape and plan your career.
4.Make your portfolio by creating applications through projects as part of the course. Know the features of project planning, sprints, teamwork, and collaboration by making an application.
5.Never miss a class as you may switch to another batch, based upon your availability to ensure consistent progress.

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As a leader in the Education industry, Careerera believes education is the best investment in the future. We are committed to changing lives and the world for the better.Our courses offer a comprehensive, results-oriented curriculum for students pursuing careers in software development, cybersecurity, data science, or product design just to name a few. Courses are offered both online and in-person at campuses worldwide.Careerera is ranked as the top education provider with a global presence in over 60 countries. In addition to our student programs, we also offer targeted educational solutions for organizations. With offices in seven countries, 500+ employees, and more than 100,000 student enrolments over the last 12 months, Careerera is a global leader in the $280 billion global professional education market.

Full Stack Development Program makes you adept in capabilities to work with web technologies. It involves exercising on Web Development, jQuery, Angular, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.
We do not guarantee placements upon the accomplishment of the program.
As we deliver the classes in varied modes so the classes will be held accordingly. For the Online program, the classes happen in a Live Online format on weekends. For the classroom program, all our classes happen at the respective learning centers.
Full-Stack Developer Backend Developer Frontend Developer UI Developer


  • A bachelor's degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Having prior work experience is not a mandatory requirement


  • Scopes upon accomplishment of the program
  • Full-Stack Developer Backend Developer Frontend Developer UI Developer Software Engineer AWS Cloud Engineer Cloud Devops Engineer Cloud Developer