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Vedic Mathematics Techniques

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“answer cross-checking” techniques offered by Vedic Mathematics and various math brain teasers with answers. Each lecture clearly describes the mental math technique and its application as well as coupled with Quiz/Practice exercise. It’s a complete workshop having learn-practice-revise model and you can consider these math videos as cool math games online.

What you’ll learn ?

  • Students will find basic mathematical operation very simpler and less time consuming.
  • Clearly understand Vedic techniques to perform very big addition and subtraction in shortest time possible.
  • Learners will love to play cool math games related to addition and subtraction.
  • The math phobia will go out of the learner’s mind.

Why should YOU take this course ?

  1. You will learn the brain friendly mental math techniques about basic mathematical operation like addition and subtraction.
  2. The mental math techniques discussed are very useful for kids to help them engage in the math-learning process.
  3. The Vedic Mathematics techniques discussed in this course will make the process of addition and subtraction engaging, time effective and 100% accurate. You will surely love mathematics and can prepare cool math games for kids or math riddles for kids.
  4. Application developers can use this mental math tricks for kids and develop a math apps for kids.
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Prof. Harini H.N

Having 14 years of Experience as Professor with BE, Mtech from MISTE.

Vedic Maths is the simplest and easiest way to do math. There is this book by Tirthaji (Bharati Krishna Tirtha), called Vedic Mathematics, published in 1965. This book was very popular because it contained a lot of easy methods to solve math problems.
Vedic maths is based on 16 formulas or sutras. They help kids solve these problems with a more dynamic and visual method rather than the conventional method of solving problems. If your child faces problems in solving mathematics problems then you should pursue Vedic maths.
It helps a person to solve mathematical problems many times faster. It helps in making intelligent decisions to both simple and complex problems. It reduces the burden of memorizing difficult concepts. It increases the concentration of a child and his determination to learn and develop his/her skills.
The biggest reason behind the disinterest towards Math is the monotonous and dry methods used in schools to teach it. It isn't fun and teachers often overcomplicate it. Through Vedic Math, learning can be made fun.


  • Absolutely no expertise required to get started with this course.


  • Online Sessions
  • Weekend Classes *
  • A Beginner's Guide to Vedic Maths

Target audiences

  • Childers from Age group starting from 14 to any age is fine.
  • Must for the parents who are introducing mathematics to their kids.
  • Teachers who want to give a unique math learning experience to their students.
  • Anyone who want to understand the simple yet effective techniques of mental mathematics for the most fundamental mathematical process.
  • People writing Competitive Exams